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Paraffinic Oil-60
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Specification of Paraffinic Oil-60

Paraffinic Oil-60

Paraffin oil is produced in Pertamina UP IV Cilacap refinery which process crude oil of Paraffin type with Paraffin Hydrocarbon composition, Napthenic and small amount of Aromatic Hydrocarbon.

Application / Benefits of Paraffin Oil - 60:

For material production Themal Plastic Rubber (TPR) / rubber plastic resin
For the production of rubber materials such as shoe soles, van-belts, vehicle tires and engine parts / vehicles of rubber components
For the production of raw material compound / rubber sheet
For the production of synthetic rubber / synthetic polymer sheet materials
Ink blend material
Basic ingredients of lubricants
The metal liquid base material works
Manufacture of cat adjuvant material

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